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We have been using the Jiffy Sew Ear Glue since 2000, I find that it is the best product on the market for setting dog ears. The glue does not get gooey or runny, it stays useable for a long time after the tube has been opened, it dries quickly and it's easy to get off your fingers.

Hilde Haakensen

As promised here are before and after pictures of Caleigh.

The glue was on here ear for about 2 1/2 weeks, and boy does it work!!

Thanks again for such a great product!

All the best!

Terry ( & Caleigh Legenza)

To Jiffy Products Inc.,

It is always a pleasure to deal with you.

Your excellent product is the only one that really works!

Thank you so much.

Mont St-Grégoise, Quebec

Dear Sir:

Having used Jiffy Sew since 1981, it seemed timely to let you know of our great satisfaction with your product.

As breeders of Airedale and Welsh terriers, we work with our puppies, both show and pet, to ensure their 'Terrier look' is the best it can be. To this end, we put up their ears to guarantee a proper and even fold. Jiffy Sew was the first product we used to set ears, twenty years ago, to set our dogs' ears. It was effective, safe and benign, never causing a problem for either us as breeders nor for the families who own the puppies, who often take the ears down at the end of the process. Ears are set as a puppy leaves the property for its new home and are put up again at the lime the puppy loses its baby teeth. This is a critical juncture in the development of the ear set and Jiffy Sew supports us in our attempts to strengthen the ear crease. With the glue in place, the pup works its ears each time it pulls them forward to chew. Strengthening the ear leather, the crease develops a 'set' which the dog carries for the rest of its life. Without the glue, the ears may be uneven or low, giving a different and less pleasing appearance.

On occasion, we have been unable to find Jiffy Sew. Having tried several other brands of what appeared to be very comparable product, we are well aware that properties of glues vary tremendously. No other glue has been effective for our purposes. Your product is a great boon to the dog breeding community. We highly recommend it!

Lee Steeves & Ken Curren
Pine Ridge Kennels
Belnan, Nova Scotia

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for mailing our order of Jiffy Glue. Enclosed is our check.

We have used Jiffy Glue for many, many years. Our last show dogs Smokey True blue of the Jean and Wedgwood Luin Lady True blue had their ears glued for almost a year in order to have the correct bend to them. We found that Jiffy Glue is amazing and did the job without any discomfort to the dogs.

We now have another Lady Blue she is adorable and is being groomed for showing. Her ears have been glued for 6 months and she is also doing fine with your product. We would like to thank your company for this great product. We can vouch that this is safe and gentle for your puppy or dog. If you have any questions please call Lynne.

Edward and Linnette Mumane
Shenorock, New York

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